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Liquidex and Liquid Tamox


Hey everyone,

I posted a another thread on a similiar topic, but I can't access that thread for some reason.

Anyway, I think my liquidex was leaking when I recieved it, is it still okay to use? And should I put it in a new container so I can measure how much is in there? Since if too much has leaked, I'll need to buy more.

If I should store it in something else, does anyone have suggestions on what to put it in? I don't have anything around the house that I think would be suitable to store it in.

Also their colours of this liquid is green and blue, did some quick research and that seems to be the right colour. But if anyone could confirm, that'd be great.


I believe the color is decided by whether your supplier chooses to flavor or color there products. So the color really isnt going to tell you if your products are good or not. My most recent research chem order had one leaky bottle and I was able to fix that by screwing the cap on tighter. I dont think the potency will be effected by the leaking but do measure to make you have what you need before you start anything. As far as a new container you can find little glass bottles on Amazon with or without the dropper. Running a search for boston rounds will bring up what you need. The 2oz bottles will hold up to 60ml. Good luck.


Great! Thank you, I really appreciate your help!


you can store it in just about anything, it really wont mater and use a syringe to measure and take it you dont have to buy anything fancy

if too much leaked out I would complain and try to get them to send you another one if it is the shippers fault.
the effectiveness of it will not be affected but it is a waste of money if you dont get the amount you paid for