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Liquidex and Clen Stack for Cutting?

Yes, I’m a NOOB. Please be kind.

I’m 5’7", 36 yrs old and currently 197lbs at 20% body fat. Benching 230, leg pressing 600. I’ve dropped an inch off my waist and 4% bf in the last 30 days with a change in diet/workout (went very low carb and switched to 5 days in gym vs 3) and by adding a clen cycle (see details below).

I recently ordered some LiquiDex and I’m curious if anyone has tried running a 6 week cycle on Liquidex/clenbuterol while using Benadryl to keep the receptors open.

Would the increase in natural T created by the E inhibition from the LiquiDex increase the effectiveness of the Clen while adding some analbolic effect?

Also, I’ve heard conflicting information about what type of syringe to use with LD (Insulin vs Intramuscular). Can anyone clear that up?

Any advice is appreciated.