Liquid Winny

hey guys…a couple of my buddies got their hands on some winny liquid that they were instructed to take for thirty days. They told me that the guy homebrewed it and it is packaged in small vials with an eyedropper top. The guy told them to take one dropper full a day, and they paid $110 for the 30 day supply.
Now i have never heard of this stuff, i just assumed that it was winny depot that they are basically drinking or some placebo bullshit and they got ripped off. Has anyone ever heard of this stuff, or seen anything similar?
I know that there is a long running argument about ingesting winny depot, personally ive never tried because i’m not needle shy or i had tabs (although the depot worked much better). They swear that it is working and they have gotten a little more defined, but they are all reporting unusual sides that I had never associated with winny (but it effects everyone differently). Like midday weariness and intense jitters (and they are all on carb restricted diets so i figure the weariness can’t be attributed to that).
any help that anyone can give would be appreciated, i am not interested in ever using this stuff persay (i’ll stick with the regular since i know it works), but i am just concerned that my buds may have gotten jipped and none of them have ever used AAS before. thanks…

There is no long running debate on drinking Winstrol Depot. It works if you drink it or inject it. Dbol and Winny are basically the only injectable you can do this with though. But of course the injection is more effective per Milligram because you bypass the liver.
What it sounds like to me is that your friend might have got ripped off. Winstrol depot taken with an eye dropper?? Come on now. Who is so stupid that they actually would buy this stuff…well except your friends. Anyhow, on the other hand…the guy that they bought it from could have easily purchased some winstrol powder and mixed it with water to be taken orally because it is much more difficult to make tabs or capsules. Question is, how many mgs are in an eyedropper?? Probably not that many. An easy way to tell…Winny always seperates partially. If it’s sitting for a few hours there should be a layer of white powder in the bottom of the vial.

Its probably raw stanozonal powder in a liquid suspension. the powder is not fine enough or ‘micronized’ for injecting, it is more suitable for use in capsuales or an oral liquid suspension product. If your boys are getting results, chances are the stuff is legit. P-22

Tren, are you saying that Reforvit B is more effective if injected than taken orally? TenMan

It might also be that crap that you see advertised in the front of Muscular Development or similar rags. That stuff looks like it comes in an eyedropper bottle.

heh heh
maybe it’s creatine serum yee haw