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Liquid Tamoxifen ?

Just wondering if anyone has experience using tamoxifen in liquid form?

I am under the impression it is to be taken as a transdermal.


Dunno but i would have thought it would be just swallowed.

No I looked into it a little more and it is a transdermal form. I will be sure in a couple days when it shows up.

They also sell clen., clomiphen, as well as others in the same form, no prescription needed. The are sold as research chemicals. Just wondering if any one had tried these.

Thanks for the response though.

Any one else?

i’m in the same boat, right now. waiting for my ‘research tamoxifen’ to show up. i hadn’t even considered the option that it would be transdermal. i’d also be interested to know if anyone can specify for sure how to take it.

I’m pretty damn sure it’s oral.

Afterall my research tamoxifen comes in “fruit punch” flavour.

Yes, there’s a damn “u” in flavour. I’m Canadian alright?


have you ever considered the possibility that it IS transdermal and they just want you to smell like fruit punch?

The stuff I ordered said not for human consumption on the web page so I figure it is a transdermal, and after doing some searching I found a thread of ppl talking about applying so many squirts and such for PCT. So I am under the impression it is transdermal.

When it shows up I suppose if it doesnt say directly on the container I will simply call the company that makes it.

Still interested in any feedback from ppl who have experience with such products.

Thanks in advance

it says it is not for human consumption so they can get away with selling it. Even though I would imagine it is still illegal, I guess they think it buys them time before anyone bust their balls

NO NO NO NO, stay away from that. I tried some of it with a cycle i did awhile back and had some really incredibly bad stomach pains so i went to the docs office and told him all that i was on. He left really quick and came back with a medical journal and made me read an exerpt from it. Said that it has been shown to cause pancreas cancer. I came off it right away and about 2 days later i was fine. just throwin my 2 cents in here, but i say stay away from it.

Dear lord, its an oral, if its reputable its fine. I just don’t like liquids 'cuz the stuff I have now is in Everclear.

well sorry i may have made that more than it was, but still gotta see where i’m coming from. just be careful is all i’m saying

your doctor told you that tamoxifen causes cancer? i was under the impression that it was originally developed to help treat cancer.

are you sure that one of the other ‘things that you were on’ wasn’t to blame?

Wow this is definetally GREAT for a laugh!!

Does anybody know where I can get some needles to apply transdermal roids?

If they are talking about ‘squirts’ to administer the stuff they probably mean a squirt in the mouth with a syringe. Why would someone take a perfectly orally bioavailable pharmaceutical like Tamoxifen Citrate and turn it into a transdermal? It just doesn’t make any logical sense.

Just read that Tamoxifen has been shown to exhibit a side effect in women using the drug long term for post breast cancer treatment. Increased risk of developing womb cancer, best be careful then or else i might not be able to have kids…

If it comes in a bottle with a little eye-dropper thing
it’s not meant to be used orally
it’s not meant to be used transdermally
It must be a suppository.

Stand on your head and squirt it in.


Thank you for the straight answer.

Just trying to be better safe than sorry. Good ? on why the would oput a perfectly good oral in transdermal form. You never know now a days. Some ppl do some weird shit.

Warhorse LMAFO!

Never used it but its an educated guess, I could be wrong…

Wow. That’s the last time I rub it on before I go tanning…

i got mine today and took the first 20mg dose orally. it does say ‘not for human consumption’ on the bottle, but right above that it says fruit punch. hmm.

i’ll let you guys know if i die.