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Liquid T3


I have been taking a liquid version of T3 and I don’t know if it is working. My dosage is around 50 MCG a day. I have been taking the T3 for about a week and I have’nt notice anything as far as weight loss or any side effects. Should I drop it or am I giving up to early?

In addition, I have been on Liquid clen for about a month ( 2 on 2 off ) and I dropped like 25 pounds without losing any muscle. Also, I have been on a small amount of test e roughly around 250Mg,s weekly. Right now my current weight is around 250 with 15% body fat.

how tall are you

I am 5’10"

so you are 5’10 with 212lbs of lean mass and you don’t know how to use t3?

something tells me you are grossly underestimating your bodyfat %… don’t worry though, happens all the time.

I would never run t3 again though unless it were to save my life

Why would’nt you use T3 again? Here is a pic of me capilers measure me at 15%. However, it could be wrong. The pic has some bad lighting, but you should still be able to see my size.

ill check the pic when the site let’s It show…anyways t3 is very catabolic that is why I would never run it again