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Liquid T3


Has anyone here ever used liquid T3 before with good results? I ask because I've read on here that it's not stable in solution. I bought my liquid T3 from a very reputable research chemical source and I've taken up to 50mcg on an empty stomach and don't really feel too much from it.


bump. anyone?


I didn't really get anything out of liquid T3 either. I think stability may be an issue with the liquid; it should definitely be in an amber or blue glass bottle to avoid uv degradation.


Well, you've read it before! :wink:

It's possible to have good results if happening to have fresh or perhaps very fresh product.

I don't know if it's actually the case but my wife says she was able to tell the difference, quite substantially she said, after about 10 days of having kept a freshly-made solution unrefrigerated.

Myself, I don't use T3 at a dose where I feel it anyway and so I can't say by feel.

I don't think UV is required for the degradation.


Shit. So pretty much my liquid T3 is doing nothing for me?