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Liquid Salad Smoothie


Ever since i was a child I have hated vegetables. And not in the way most kids. I literally could not eat them without gagging, at times throwing up. It was less the taste but rather the texture. For a long while I wondered what the hell was wrong with me until I was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder by a psychologist. It was around then I became determined to get veggies, luckily my dad had a vitamix he wasnt using and offered me. Over the years I have experimented with different combos and still do. Heres the general template for what I make.

I get a pound of frozen spinach or mixed leafy greens from whole foods usually. The night before making it I empty the bag into the vitamix and store it in the fridge. Next day I add usually 4-6 cups of water or coconut milk along with a banana and a cup of frozen berries. Blending until smooth I usually have half during the day and the other at night. I have found drinking all in one sitting to give me stomach problems.

Recently I have experimented with fruit free smoothies, I have found adding an avocado or two servings of fat free greek yogurt keeps it creamy without the sugar, though admittedly its quite bland. I have not yet experimented with nuts or nut butter but I’m always trying different concoctions.


I like a can of coconut milk, some mango puree, a cup of yougurt and blend.

A dash of vanilla and cardamom is nice too.

For a different taste profile, a half cup of orange juice and a couple of strawberries is nice too.