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liquid protein

i went to the vitamin shoppe today to get some supplements and over there i saw liquid protein. its made form twinlab and it is hydrolyzed collagen protein. i wasnt gonna buy it bc it looks like crap, but when i saw one ounce is 15g of protein it totally caught my eye, but then i thought it would be bad protein and not worth it, but on the bottle it says it is made only from whey and animal protein, so for sure it must be good. is this some crap that i bought into or is it really legit? thakns in advance.

Hate to tell you this, bro, but collegen generally means “hooves, bone, and other stuff you don’t want to eat”. Has little value as a protein, if any.

Animal Protein = Hydrolyzed Collagen = Worthless Crap the body can’t digest. If you buy this you are officially labeled a sheep.

sure its made from animals, horse hooves. Collagen is what makes up nails and hair, no?

Ditto! Bring that crap back and get your money back or trade for a bottle of Mag-10!

The value of collagen is as a supplement for joint problems and arthritis, etc as connective tissue of the joints is also made of collagen.

This stuff is dog shit with no protien value whatsoever. Pork Rines would probably be better than this shit.

You’ve been had!
Try calling twinlab and ask for the ratio (whey vs. collagen). Perhaps they could send you a lab analysis report on this (sure they will). My guess is that there is a ton of garbage and very little quality whey in that bottle. But that’s what the majority of companies are selling you. JUNK!
High quality protein? Hmmmm…how about GROW??? End of discussion. Good luck.

I don’t know my man. I used both of the twin lab liquid proteins and I feel they were both very good product’s. Of course we were juicing heavy then and putting down over a dozen egg whites per day as well in addition to eating alot of quality protein and carbs.

yeah im taking that shit back already, getting store credit and buying some quality shit, i needed some surge anyways…thanks for your advice, saved me going through the nasty ass taste of that collagen junk.