Liquid Protein VS. Solid Protein

What is the real difference of consuming a 30g protein shake after a workout from a 30g piece of grilled chicken? Can drinking 4 1,000 calorie shakes a day benefit u more than 4,000 calories of solid food. I have heard that the brain sends different signals to the body depending on what type of protein is digested? what are ur thoughts?

“what are ur thoughts?”

if i drank four one thousand calorie shakes per day, my ass would be more raw than one of those dudes from queer eye!

eat food.

The basic idea behind a particular type of shake post workout is to maximize insulin sensitivity relative to the bioavailability of what is being consumed; or rather the speed at which your body digests and starts to utilize it.

I personally have found the post-workout shake to be good for both recovery and dieting. It seems to speed recovery for me, reduce muscle soreness, and it also seems to make it easier for me to maintain lower carbs all other times and still get some decent training.

The only time I consume a shake is post-workout and sometimes pre-workout depending on how I feel. The shakes aren’t a crutch for me; I love consuming real food the rest of the time. Supplementation is just that; its supposed to supplement an already healthy diet either for convenience or perhaps for the reasons I personally choose to use them (among a list of other reasons, I’m sure).

Solid food is real food. There’s more to nutrition than macronutrients. A LOT more. For one, no solid foods compromises intestinal flora, which also GREATLY reduces immune function, let alone the ability to digest solid food. Drinking your calories would eventually lead to illness.

Simply put, protein shakes are lacking in nutrients you need, which meat is not. Eat your meat, and only use protein shakes for post-workout, or if you absolutely can’t eat solid food.

Liquid sorces lack other nutrients, fiber, and can give you gas to no end. Furthermore, depending on the person can also induce allergies (Note that I said it is person specific). Finally, Liquid protein sources are generally quickly digested, whereas meat, and eggs take much longer to digest, and so are in effect “slow release”. So timing is important, because post-workout you want to maximize uptake, and liquid sources can be immediately taken up. But throughout the day, you’re looking for a slow, more constant release of amino acids, which would be more available through food sources.

The obvious answer: liquid foods get broken down a lot quicker than real foods. (–> Liquid foods will leave you hungry much quicker than solid foods.)