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Liquid PCT (Tamox. Citrate)


How does liquid PCT compare to tablets?


Liquid is probably cheaper, but it tastes horrible (if that is a concern with you). Other than that I am not aware of any major differences.


The liquid is cheaper, and can taste bad. But I have used many liquids with results equal to tablets. Make sure to shake your bottle before measuring a dose and have something available to drink so you can chase the chemicals down.


I got some liquid SERM's on the way, I cant imagine them tasting as bad as injectable winny, if so that sucks.


How do you know what injectable winny tastes like?


i have tasted nolvadex it tastes like shit, but if you have water in you mouth, squirt it in and drink fast :stuck_out_tongue: you wont notice it there.


what do you guys think about putting the liquid PCT in a gel cap. I know just squirting it in your mouth is easy enough. But how bout gelcaps? will the gel caps melt if you place the liquid in it and store them?


Since the injectable and oral versions of stanozolol are chemically identical, it's not uncommon for people to drink the injectable.

Anyway, doesn't everyone taste their gear? I do.


With regards to the gel cap idea: they would melt. Gelatin dissolves in water.


So, it's pretty much squirt the desired amount in your mouth and suck it up. IS that right?

I read somewhere that placing the liquid PCT in a gel cap would be ok.

I understand that liquid would dissolve the gel cap.

But MAG-10 Destroyer was liquid in a gel cap?


And drinking it would have the exact effect of injecting it?


It doesn't taste that bad. I prefer it to pills.

Compared to MAG-10 most of the research stuff doesn't taste bad. MAG-10 was nasty...but I still wish I had a liter of it.


That it would. They are both alkylated, so the liquid version wouldn't get broken down by your liver. Although, by injecting it you avoid first pass through the liver so it is less damaging. To each his own I guess.

On another note, Chemone's anastrazole is quite tasty =)

EDIT: Although, the plasma concentration curves show a difference in the concentration of any drug between injected IM and taken orally. The oral route raises the plasma concentration faster.


Thats what I figured as far as the liver goes. I did a little reading up on it and it also said if you take injectable stanz. orally you should double up the dose. I do not understand why someone would want to go that route.


Chemone's Tamox. Cit. isn't bad tasting either, kinda fruity.