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Liquid Oral Concoctions


So I've just received my shipment of nifty dropper bottles (called for some unfathomable reason "spoid" bottles here), and I've got an itchy brewing finger looking to make up some well known and a couple of rather more uncommon liquid oral solutions.

I'm currently using a tasty solution of liquid arimidex of my own design (well, okay, I stole most of the idea from BBB, but I digress :wink: and it is working fantastically. I have some letrozole and nolvadex to make up as well, but I'm not too concerned about them because I'm rather confident the solution will hold under the same conditions as I made my adex (simply stated: dissolved in 100 proof alcohol).

However, I also happen to have some T3 that I would like to whip into solution, and then was probably going to create some anavar, primo ace, and halotestin, believe it or not.

So, I've been poking around certain websites, but I usually find that the typical recommended concentration of alcohol to dissolve the powder in is 190 proof (gag) and on top of that the recipe typically includes PEG-300. This sounds like a whole lot of "insurance" to me. I was hoping I could hold my solutions in a lower concentration of alcohol, as I would like to keep them at least somewhat palatable. As far as other solvents like PEG, I don't mind using them if they are going to help the solution hold.

I could just jump in and start experimenting, and will if I have to, but I would like to hear from some of you fine gentlemen who has either already done this or has a better idea than I do if it would work or not. Can anyone offer me a bit of guidance here?

Test E Cycle - Letrozole Dosage

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I forgot that you cant get crazy proof stuff at the local corner store. God Bless Texas.

Of course you CAN get gear semi-legally in a gray area.

Shows the differing country priorities...

Can you not buy some online and have it shipped to you ? Do they bother to regulate that kind of thing ?


Heh. Hey, at least I gave you credit :wink:

Well, this doesn't sound like a good start to me, with your letro not holding already.

Mind explaining what you mean by not having any access to anything stronger than 40% alcohol? Like, that's the strongest alcohol you can get ahold of in the UK? Or you just don't have any on hand.

We have one here that I believe is a Polish grain alcohol which is 96%!!! Spyritus Rectifkowany.


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Tesco's sell Jamaican Overproof White Rum which is 63% ABV and £20. If you can't find it locally you can get it online..

I just made up some Adex, Tamox, Drol for me..

Cortes. If you use 126 proof like me - you will find that it works for most anything at 20mg/ml and if you want higher or if anything struggles even at that - then add PEG - yes, it does work.

What exactly did you steal from the BBB boy?


Oh and letro does totally dissolve in 63% abv :wink:


The idea for how to make the solutions taste good without sacrificing quality.

I think I'll try your idea of the overproof rum, Brook. Rum can have a nice spicy flavor of its own which may actually end up benefiting the final product. I'll do a little experimentation this weekend and see what I can work out. Thanks!


I'd rather drink rubbing alcohol than that overproof white rum shit. Sorry Brook but that stuff is nasty lol. Too bad they don't make overproof Jameson...


I'm presently using vodka which is a pretty nice compromise as it doesn't have much flavor to speak of at all.

Meh, I'll have a look around and maybe buy some of those airline bottles of a bunch of different stuff and "test" them out this weekend :wink:


Good on you to follow B's lead on this idea buddy!
I used 151 bacardi last go round, and to be honest, it's horribly strong lol....
Why I don't know. I also used I think just some 80proof vodka before and it was fine.

Not too many use the PEG as far as I know amongst friends, but it seems like a viable helpful addition to keep the alcohol content down. This is the route the research chem sites have to use to get around sending alcohol all over the place in the mail.

Good stuff big guy. You still haven't told me diddly about the contest btw....waiting patiently my friend, lol..!


This is a valuable list that i stole from some site: Freaks or BB forums i think -


Nice Brook. But while it shows a solid method for securing the highest potency and stability for these compounds, it wouldn't be my choice, lol..

I mean, not only do you have to use the 190 proof, yuck, then you are adding the PEG anyway??

I thought most of the PEG use is to limit the amount of either the amount of alcohol, and/or the proof of said alcohol no? SO it seems like it has the strong alcohol and then you have to go and aquire the PEG and add that to no advantage tastewise??


I can find so little about this on the net that I think I may just have to bit the bullet and make a few trial and error runs.


You are right. They are recipes to allow you to create the highest concentrations - it isn't about taste or if one can be 'bothered' to aquire PEG.

PEG isn't used as a replacement to alcohol, more an adjunct. I do not know it's chemical properties as a solvent, but i know that if i have an alcohol suspension i need to make a solution and alcohol will only allow it at 5mg/ml - PEG will allow me to achieve 20mg/ml.

If you have to use Vodka - PEG would be a necessary addition as vodka is very poor for dissolving orals in IME. Adex and cialis is about the limit - not even dbol would go into vodka (80proof) at 10mg/ml!

So due to this fact, i would say PEG is a much more effective solvent for these drugs than alcohol - and is the exact reason it is used when trying to achieve max dosages. I would say it isn't used alone due to toxicity, taste ad cost.. but they are guesses.

I personally do not need to use it unless making injectable suspensions, as i find 125 proof ample to create solutions and suspensions for oral consumption.

I do not give much thought to the taste - it is easily disguised in a glass of juice or soda.


I am not clear on what you are trying to do.. make alcohol based orals taste nice?


If possible, yes.

I, personally, don't mind taking a liquid oral that is emetic, but I have my reasons for wanting to create one that others will find to be palatable.


Thanks B. I hear you, just the thread was centered around taste I thought, my friend. :slight_smile: PEG is a bother only to myself as I'm underfunded usually. lol..So I totally get where you're coming from.

PEG as adjunct not replacement:

Yes I realize that fully, I just mentioned that to my knowledge the research chems use it more as a replacement in addition to other solvents due to the post office/mail legalities. So I only meant as "replacement" in that scenario basicly. Poorly worded on my part..

Good find though no doubt for max concentrations.


The funny thing is however, after a quick glance again back up there at the list, I realized that they aren't correct with the tamox.

I've mixed it at 40mg/ml just fine with only 151 grain alcohol fwtw.


Gotcha :wink: