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Liquid Nutrition and Loss of Appetite


I have been making a ~1,000 cal shake for breakfast everyday and have the same shake after training which is every other night. I only eat 2 solid meals on training and 3 solid meals on off days (no 2nd shake).

I thought that I would be able to eat more food since shakes seem to digest quicker. What I'm finding now is that I'm hardly hungry even though I don't eat all that much. I'm wondering if my stomach has shrank due to the reduction of solid food. I'm barely able to keep my cals where I need them.

Anybody else had this problem or have some insight to what's up with my appetite?


maybe the shakes aren't very good and you're getting bored with eating/drinking?


Maybe some caffeine could help stimulate your diet.


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Thanks BBB. ^^^ This is the kind of thought process I was hoping to see.

My shake:
16 ounces whole milk
1.5 servings chocolate ice cream
2 servings olive oil
50 grams whey isolate
1.5 servings of chocolate syrup

Comes to around 1,000 cals roughly 70 grams protein, 50 grams fat, 75 grams cho.


Hmmm I think caffeine would suppress ones appetite.


The shake is probably too damn delicious for your body to contemplate eating again.

Might as well throw in some peanut butter. Not to stimulate the appetite, but just because, damn, it's peanut butter.


I was just giving ya a hard time!

Why do you need a laxative?


Just to slow down the whey isolate. I eat lots of broccoli and other veges, but I don't think I get enough fiber.

Anyways, I'm having a hard time eating now. I ate a lil turkey and ham at the first of 5 stops yesterday and wasn't hungry the rest of the day. I got weak and shaky later on and made myself eat some eggs even though I didn't want to. Maybe this breakfast shake is doing more harm than good.


My appetite has been quite reduced after two and half weeks of intermittent fasting; I believe it's because of stomach shrinking.


Do you think there is a correlation between stomach shrinkage and metabolism? I'd think as your stomach shrinks that your body would compensate by slowing digestion and metabolism.


Doesn't happen.