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Liquid Nolvadex?

So it’s time for some PCT and I have a couple of options…the easiest and most convenient is ordering Nolvadex as a research chemical (Tamoxifen Citrate) which comes in liquid form (20 mg/mL & 60 mL total)…I’ve gotten liquid Clen from the same company & it is legit…

My question is, is there a preferable form &/or will liquid Nolvadex suffice?

I can get the pills but the time frame is just too long…I can have the liquid Nolvadex by Monday…

Well… you should have ordered the pills when you ordered the whole cycle… that’s generally best. What if the research companies got shut down or were out of stock? Then you’d be screwed.

With that being said, yes the liquid stuff is generally fine. Some people have said they’ve gotten bunk stuff - I haven’t used it in about 6 years so I don’t know where the best research stuff is now

Research chems are and always will be a crapshoot

Thanks for the info…the Clen is definitely legit…depending on the time it’ll take to get the pills I might take my chances with the liquid…I’m kicking myself in the ass for not ordering everything at once…

Anyone know if they still sell otc Arimidex? BPI used to make a product called BH-A (maybe? I’m not sure) but all I can find is A50…anyone know anything about this?

Should I take that until I can get the Nolvadex pills?

An AI isn’t the same as a SERM. SERMs are used for PCT. Either way, I have no idea what you are talking about that is sold over the counter. I think you should order some “research chemicals” quick or do some more searching and find an internet pharmacy - they have non-liquids.

I was told that I should maybe take an AI until the Nolva came in…that’s all…

[quote]Obiewon wrote:
I was told that I should maybe take an AI until the Nolva came in…that’s all…[/quote]

I don’t know about that, mabye someone else can answer.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Research chems are and always will be a crapshoot[/quote]

I hope this isnt “ALWAYS” true considering my Adex, an Nolva is from Research Chem