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Liquid Nolvadex and Letrozole


I ordered my Nolvadex and letrozole for PCT and Gyno purposes off of chemoneresearch.com. They came really fast (placed order sat. came on wed) but are both in liquid form. I ordered pills. Did I get ripped off??????? THe fluids in both are chunkier pinkish fluids. HELP!!!


I don't think ChemOne sells pills. What you have works, you didn't get ripped off. Measure out your dosages in ml's using the included dropper. I've yet to hear of ChemOne ripping someone off.


ChemOne sells liquid oral suspensions for research purposes only.

We have never sold a pill, and never will.

What made you think you were buying pills?


sorry buddy but to me it doesnt look like hes bad mouthing anything, hes just askn a simple question.

anyways i myself was unsure when i first ordered if it was going to be liquid or pills, so i can see why hes confused. but then again i also didnt care if it was liquid or pills and i didnt doubt it once i was ripped off.


opps i just realized i quoted the wrong quote...


How can you be confused? If you look at the images, they are a copy of the label. They state the concentration per ml, and the volume.

What pill has ever been listed at 'x'mg/ml - 60ml?

ml's are a measure of liquid volume.

I wasn't going to go on a rant, but this is just crazy.

Why on earth would you buy something - over the internet no less - without knowing exactly what you are buying?


I've ordered lots of ChemOne products, and from day 1 it was very obvious they were in liquid form. To be honest, I'd much rather the liquid than pills nowadays.


Yeah totally just an honest question. The image on the website was a label and it was blurry as hell. I was, up until this point, under the impression that both products came in pill form only. But way to rep your company by seeking out senseless bullshit to rant about just to sound like a badass. It was just a question man, thanks to the people who saw that for what it was.


i just re-read what i wrote and it sounds like i felt like i was ripped off, if anyone read it that way what i was trying to say is i never doubted chemone.


Just take the liquid. Why would you want to take pills? Do you have a reason?

Why do you think you ordered pills? The site clearly mentions liquid volumes and measures. A pill would be listed in quantity and milligrams per pill. They also have pictures, which by the way, are extremely clear.

Odd post.


You bought something over the internet without even knowing what you were getting. How is calling attention to that being a bad ass?

Instead of contacting ChemOne directly - you take it straight to the open forums. You must know very very little about the community, because asking if you were scammed right out of the box is a major breach of etiquette.

FYI - there is not a legal research chem company in the US that sells pills. That is illegal. Maybe you should file that away somewhere for future reference.


plus how in the world are you gonna get your lab rats to take pills? my rats love chemone oral suspensions


Yeah, my rat, just like morepain's, prefers the liquid over pill form (but I won't argue with him since he's 235 ripped).

Hey, JHO303, you should just draw up a syringe full of the liquid and inject right into your arm, it works much better that way! BTW, if you prefer the pill form, I have some pills I'll sell to you, they'll make you HYOOGE. Only $10 apiece!

Props to Chemone, they have great products. This guy obviously has no idea what's going on.


Pretty reckless post given the misunderstandings many have and the absolute trust some put in other posters.

It's obvious to me that you are joking, but it's also obvious to just about everyone that ChemOne and the other research chemical sites sell liquid. Why don't you give JH0303 a demo on injecting the research chems in your arm.


lol that made me laugh! But then again my rats love them research chemicals too!


I think you guys are being a bit too harsh for a simple misunderstanding. We're all guilty of an occassional goof-up.


Does anybody know is it safe purchasing generic letrozole? Does it exist? I tested only generic ed drugs by myself (from places like orderedpills.com or similair) but steroids is something more powerful and mistakes are more dangerous imho.


It's safe provided you do your research on proper usage.