Liquid Nitrogen

I just had liquid nitrogen treatment done to remove 4 benign skin growths. They looked like moles but weren’t. 2 were on the back (middle & bottom right) and 2 were on my neck. Can I work out while these things are healing? WHen is the first day I can go to the gym? My physician didn’t know the answer to these questions but just said wait a week or two. Does sweating affect these things? If anyone knows anything about this, please comment.

I’d worry about a doc that can’t give you an answer to a simple question like that. Were those growths tested for melanoma (sp?).

I think they use Nitrogen to remove warts - which are viral, if I recall correctly. This means that once the warts are gone, it’s just a bit of skin healing that needs to be done. No problem, really. I’d avoid sweating for a couple days, just to make sure the bandage maintains its seal - but that’s it.

If it was a benign tumor - then, I guess the advice is the same.

I'd agree that having a doctor that doesn't know how to heal from his treatments hasn't really done the research - press him for details.

yeah, it is the first time I went to this doctor, and the last. He even missed one of the growths and ended up touching a bit of the skin with his cold scissors…moron! Anyway, there is nothing wrong with those growths…i think he called them skin tabs or something. I just wanted them outa here. So I guess I should keep them band-aided for couple of days, avoid sweating, and then go back to the gym in about…3 days? Ohh, and I know this topic isn’t a great one for everyone out there, but nevertheless, thanks for helping me out.

If that is all they were, skin tags, then next time get a hold of me. My girlfriend just cuts mine off with scissors; no lost training time and no f***ing nitrogen.

I remove them myself as well.

T-puppy, that “moron” did exactly what he was supposed to do with scissors. I just love how people fault docs for things they do that the patient doesn’t understand but are more than willing to jump down the doc’s throat for the exact opposite. Believe it or not, some doc’s actually KNOW what they’re doing.

Anyway, if you had skin tags, they’re harmless and clipping them is the easiest way to get rid of them. If they were frozen, you’ll heal up over the course of a week or two. When you decide to train again depends on the location of the treatment and your comfort level. The reason that doc didn’t know what to tell you is that we’re not taught “when to train after a minor procedure” in med school, nor thereafter.