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Liquid Mountaineering


Pretty cool, first I've ever heard of it.


That's fucking awesome. Makes me want to go find the nearest lake and sink trying to do this.


Sorry to burst your bubble guys but it's fake. The shoe company or outdoor company that they are wearing are the ones that made the video. Google search to find out more about it.


Yeah I got pissed when I found out this was a hoax


Anyone who thought this was real must be very gullible. Everyone knows its not possible to do... How many people used to try to do this as a kid in a swimming pool? I know I did lol.

Link to an article addmiting its a fake:

also, Did you know gullible was taken out of the dictionary last year?


I saw what you did there...

In any case, I was a little disappointed to see parts of this clip present in that "People are Awesome" compilation or whatever it was called.


I hate videos done in this style (no, not mentioning the fake style, I mean the overall style). At least you see how awesome Portugal is...


Agreed. The rest of that vid was in fact awesome, but it sorta gets ruined by the fake water walking.


This one is not a fake =)


LOL! I don't know why, but that picture is damn hilarious.