Liquid Masterdrol

Ok, I read an entire 12 page post about Methyl Masterdrol before I realized it’s not the same stuff. I’ve searched everywhere for some info on this but I can’t find anything.

So far, I’ve heard that it’s ok for teenagers to take this, I’m 19 by the way, and that the Formadrol Extreme that comes with it is enough for PCT. I’m not content with this though and would like some more info. Please shed some light on this product and whether or not it’d be ok for me to take this. I’ve taken Deca and Test before, dumb but true. I got some great results off of it and I can honestly say I went from a skinny kid to someone who people actually look at as a “big guy”. Looking back though, I’m not sure if it was worth it.

My only side effect was the one I feared the most, the testicular shrinkage. I wanna have kids some day and just knowing that I might’ve jeopardized that pisses me off. Anyway, I’m done juicing but still love working out and the thrill of getting bigger and stronger. I wanna make sure I do things the right way from now on though, so any advice or info I can get would be great. I’m stacking this stuff with Methyl-1-D, 1-GH-1, with the Formadrol after like I said.

Honestly, I only really care about the testicular shrinkage and the infertility and some liver damage. I think I’ll be cool with anything else. Anyway, I know this was a longass post and I kind of rambled but any help I can get will be appreciated, thanks.

Your screen name throws me off.

I would advise looking up training logs and reviews for the products you plan on takeing.

Your 19 and you are talking about takeing shit that will shrink your nuts and damage your liver, you should have read so much about it already that no one here will be able to give you any new information.