Liquid Labs

I’m about to order some clomid, nolvadex, and liquidex(arimidex) from them. All of it is in liquid. First, the source is good (checked ref’s). Second is this stuff as good as the tabs? Any info guys?


I have seen a few people sho said it was good stuff. I am going to order some for myself as well and give it a shot

I have used liquid cialis, viagra, clomid,clen and arimidex…all with the excellent results. Except the liquid clen is much better than tabs.

This may be a stupid question, but do you injest the liquid or inject the liquid?

You put the liquid under your tongue. Why are you getting arimidex and nolvadex? Stick to just the arimidex. I’ve tried the arimidex and clomid, they work well. However, the clomid is extremely bitter and leaves an after taste like you wouldn’t believe.


Arimidex prevents the conversion of T to E. Once it’s E, Nolva can block it at receptor sites, (specifically the nipples, but generally as well).

Exactly Warhorse, I thought I might as well get all three since I’m ordering. Plus it’s better to be safe than sorry right. It’s better to spend some extra dough on anti-e’s then to be a cheapskate and have Double-D’s

Well, I see chottos point here. These compounds do fuck with your blood lipids, the way i see it, the fewer you use the better. If you use the adex, you don’t have to worry about the novla, assuming you use enough adex. Estrogen needs to be around as well… you don’t want to COMPLETELY shut it off. The use of adex and novla in conjuction would basically eliminate estrogenic activity in your body which i dont think is a good thing. However, many people will disagree and say the combo is better.

Finding the balance is key, but if you’re not having bloodwork done, you’re just guessing.

I’d have them all on hand just as “insurance.”

That’s what I ment to use them for. I order the nolva to be safe in case the arimidex is fake or under dosed. Chances are though that if ones fake they probably all will be but as I said before this guy is suppose to be good. According to Ref’s. Oh well to late now anyway the money has been sent. Now the waiting game.


I know this is probably a stupid question… i just want to make sure i have it straight, when taking liquid nolvadex (or arimidex), i just take it orally under the tongue (dont inject it)?

Don’t inject orals. (Yes, they’re orals.)

Nice rap Guenther:

When bustin’ the juice
best not be gettin’ loose
spend bank on Anti-E’s
its bettah than double-D’s