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Liquid Gel Multi

I just decided to switch over to a liquid gel Multi. I decided on Irwin Naturals Mens and Womens Living Green formulas. Looked like a lot of good stuff in them and there were a lot of good reviews. So is anyone still taking thier multi in pressed capsule form? I decided to switch after my wife started working at the hospital, how many vitamin pills she sees in poop is shocking.

BTW I googled for the best deal and found it at iherb.com and also got a $5 off first time order code to pass along. MOW821 it negated the shipping plus $1 Yay


Good stuff.

I did that as well (gel multi), and used Solanova brand b/c the formula looks really good, and you can use a code for 20% off 1st time buyers I believe (google).

Just ran out today so I’ll look into IN brand. Always looking for quality w/ great price!