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liquid fish oils

do any of you guys take liquid fish oil instead of the capsules? if so, what brand and how the hell do you get it down? i have some twinlab, and its nasty stuff.

I do. I’ve been using this seven seas pure cod liver oil that tastes like lemon, the only problem is the high vitamin A content, if i take enough of it to get the 6 grams of EPA\DHA i will also take 400% of the RDA, wich may not be a very good thing. Just try other brands until you find one that tastes better or add it to your protein shakes wich is what i do.

Just don’t use cod liver oil. Can’t remember the reasoning, but John Berardi and others say it sucks, and they weren’t just talking about flavor. I think Udo himself said it was a bad choice too in the T-mag interview.

Have you tried the Dale Alexander emulsified fish oils? They come in mint and orange flavor. I’ve only tried the mint. I really can’t taste the fish at all, but the mint flavoring they use is STRONG, almost like mint extract.

TEK, i’d like to know more about this avoiding cod liver oil thing, i read the udo erasmos interview and all he said was that nothing tastes worst than cod liver oil. Can you explain why or direct me to somewhere i can find info on this? Thanks

Actualy, udo just said it tasted nasty, the interviewer said nothing tasted as bad as cod liver oil.

I read where Berardi dissed cod liver oil and I read it in an old Muscle Media 2000 too. The Berardi comment was here at T-mag, but I can’t remember where. Sorry. There are some liquid fish oils out there that aren’t cod I’ve heard, but I’ve never used them. Maybe a search of “berardi-cod-liver” at T-mag will bring up something.

I recently started using the Ultra Omega-3 Fish Oil from Health From the Sun. It’s lemon lime flavored and contains 1.5 grams of EPA/DHA per teaspoon. The source is from deep sea anchovy and sardine body oils. Is this good?

Dr. Barry Sears, the Zone Diet guy, just introduced a lime-flavored fish oil. It’s pretty good, no nasty taste. However, he’s not selling if officially to the public yet. But if you go to the drsears website and email them, they’ll give you the number to call so you can buy it.

If you take enough of the cod liver oil to get you epa/dha, you’ll end up with toxic vitamin A poisoning. Cod liver oil has way too much vitamin A and vitamin A is very toxic to liver and other organs at chronic high doses as it is not water soluable but a fat soluable vitamin and as such will build up to toxic values in the body and cause all kind of problems including liver damage and hair to fall out among others. Vitamin A is the one vitamin you don’t want to overdose on.

Wanted to add - cod liver oil has traditionally been used in years gone by mainly as a vitamin A & D supplement and not an eph/dha supplement and as such should be consumed in the proper dosage to avoid vitamin A toxicity. In modern times with taking a multi vitamin and having additional vitamin A & D supplementation in many other foods (such as meal replacements, protein replacement bars, breakfast cereals, etc,etc) the risk already exists with over consumption of vitamin A. Not like 50 or 100 years ago when they didn’t have multi vitamins or vitamin supplementation in foods and many kids were given a TBS of cod liver oil daily as a vitamin A & D supplement. Just wanted to point out that cod liver oil is really a vitamin A & D supplement, not an epa/dha supplement.

Thanks Heb.

After reading this thread I got a little paranoid about Vitamin A toxicity, since I take two tablespoons of cod liver oil per day, so I did some research into the subject. Turns out (according to the Merck website) that Vitamin A toxicity sets in at an intake of around 100,000 IU/day for several months on end. I added it all up, and between the two tablespoons of cod liver oil, the multivitamin (Twinlab Daily One caps), and the MRPs I ingest every day, I’m still only getting about 40,000 IU of Vitamin A daily. So, I’m glad this issue was brought to my attention, but I now feel safe and confident that supplementing one’s diet with a couple of tablespoons of cod liver oil a day is cheap, effective, and nontoxic. Thanks for the info, guys! This is an issue I never considered before, and this is why this forum rules.