Liquid fish Oil

Guys sorry the search function isn’t working…

I know Health From The Sun makes a liquid fish oil…

Where can I buy the liquid fish oil from again? I need some A.S.A.P.

Thanks in advance

you can find it at iherb.
1.8g EPA & 0.9g DHA per teaspsoon!

I’ve been looking for a quality fish oil and this seems to be the best around. A bit on the pricey side though, you might be able to find it cheaper if you look around.


This is what I got. I ordered 4 bottles in the morning and it came at about 8 A.M. the next day (!!)

How does it taste? Lemon-lime and fish sounds like yak to me

To follow up on greekdawg’s question, is it decent mixed in a protein shake (chocolate or vanilla), or is that beyond the threshold of nastiness? I guess what I’m really wondering is how strong is the flavor?

I just got some, and the flavor is pretty strong (fish flavor) if you take it straight.
It’s not too bad over a salad with some other oil & vinegar. The lemon-lime flavor is more prevalent than the fish flavor. If you want a GREAT tasting fish oil product, try Coromega. Very high quality, and tastes good. You can get this at iHerb as well. It comes in foil packets (like ketchup from a fast food place) and has an orange flavor. More expensive per serving than Health from The Sun, but if you’re looking for taste, you can’t go wrong.

I take it straight; you’ll usually get a little aftertaste for 30 minutes or so, but only if you really concentrate on it. It might not be a bad idea to take most of it right before bed.

If taste is an issue, get the molecularlly distilled kind. That removes the fishy taste as well as remove an toxins in the fish oil. Also, you’ll usually get a higher EPA/DHA concentration per grams of fat with molecularlly distilled fish oil.

There is a top brand here in Nova Scotia, Canada called Omega Gold. You can try and contact them at - This website is for sale! - come Resources and Information.

Health From the Sun fish oil is ok. I got used to the taste after a while. Do NOT mix it into a shake though. It is incredibly nasty that way. Knock it back first, then chase it with your shake.

Well Im ordering 4 bottles of Health from the Sun fish oil and one bottle of SuperMAX Epa by twinlab for comparison.

IHerb seems pretty cheap and fast on the shipping…I’ll let you guys know what I think.

Taste is really not an issue, I’ll drink the shit either way, I was just curious what possessed them to combine fish flavors with fruity lemon-lime? doesn’t seem like a good combination…