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Liquid Dianabol vs Oral Dianabol


Is it true that liquid dianabol is better than oral?


Why on earth would one dianabol be any better or worse than another dianabol? And for the record, liquid dianabol IS an oral.


I just wanted to know so i just asked.OK?


Oral is harder on your liver.


Orally ingested 17AA steroids are just as toxic as injected 17AA steroids.

If this poster is actually comparing the injectable and oral forms of dbol of course - i suspect they are comparing two oral products. One in tablet/capsule form and the other suspended in liquid.

Either way the answer is the same.


...than what?


By liquid you mean injectable? I don't know if there is a liquid oral Methandrostenolone (=Dbol) product.

I think there are injectable Methandrostenolone products on the market, though (Refrovit-B, Ganabol).

Oral Dbol is modyfied at its (postion) 17-carbon atom. This to survive the liver first pass and make it to the blood stream. This makes it liver toxic.

So if you inject Methandrostenolone, this will be "better" for your liver. Therefore, yes, injectable Dbol is better than the oral version.

However, IF you are not affrais of injections, there are much better choices than Methandrostenolone, imo. The good thing about Dbol is, that it's a well-working steroid with moderate side-effects and that you do not have to inject it.


The oral and injectable versions of Dbol are exactly the same. The liquid is an oil based injectable that usually comes in 25-50mg/ml strength. I suppose the confusion is coming from the fact that the oil based product is 17Aa alkalated as well, making it orally effective. So it stands to reason if the injectable is
orally ingested it is just as liver toxic as the tablet (doses being equal).


Ganabol is also boldenone Undec, so make sure you know which version you have..
As i previously mentioned, injectable Methandrostenolone is also 17AA - similar to Winstrol Depot in this regard.

Lastly - yes, there are places to buy suspended liquid orals - UG only of course (other than Winstrol Depot which despite being an injectable prep, it is orally bio-available too).



Exactly. The average UG lab doesn't have access to a pill press, hence the prevalence of liquid dbol. I suspect that's what led to the OP's confusion / question.


Yes Dbol liquid and Dbol tabs are both orally bioavailable. Given both options I would go with tabs because they are much more convenient for easy and accurate dosing throughout the day. Also if you have a sensitive palate (which I thankfully do not) you will see that liquid Dbol (Reforvit B) tastes terrible. By comparison FWIW, Winstrol Depot tastes fairly neutral.



liquid dianabol is methylated too so u can drink it straight.


its whatever you prefer. I've heard liquid dbol is more potent than the tabs/caps due to alot of labs under-dosing their tabs. suspended in liquid your dbol will most likely be more accurate mg/ml. but not everyone wants to pull out a needle-less syringe tube and suck down .25ml every 3-4hrs. personaly I get liquid do to the dosing being more accurate but if you trust your source's tabs, tabs would be much easier on the go -but dbol is dbol.


The potency of a ugl preparation has nothing to do with the type (liquid or tab) and everything to do with the integrity and the manufacturing ability of the UGL. Most people arent getting their UGL stuff independantly tested so it's pretty pointless to generalize.


I think injected alkylated steroids would cause less liver stress because theyd be metabolized outside the lived in before reaching the liver. Why do people inject oral steroids, is it just increased effectiveness per mg? It seems common for winstrol.


There can be absorption issues as well as liver metabolism issues.

Winstrol has pretty good oral absorption as well as bioavailability, so there is not a major efficiency advantage in injecting it. But there is something: another 25-50% as an estimate.


Can you explain that last sentence. You lost me.


Mg I guessing. I'm good at making sense of sentences without clear subjects.