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Liquid Clen: Worth It?



Someone told me that Liquid Clen is much more expensive than solid. Something around 150$. At this price, Is it a ripoff? Or is it because it is more effective and powerful than the solid version?


$150 might be a lot or a little, but keep in mind that depends on the dose. $150 might be a lot for a 4 week supply, but little for a 40 week supply.

Liquid clen is not better or worse by any means. One type of clen is not better than another. Clen is clen. Certainly, liquid clen might be slightly overdosed at times, but that doesn't mean it's stronger. It merely means that you're taking a higher dose. If that's a big deal to you, then you simply have to take more of the solid version (20-40mcg more).

Aspirin is aspirin, testosterone is testosterone, and clenbuterol is clenbuterol. 1mcg of liquid clenbuterol has the same strength as 1mcg of solid clenbuterol.


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You should not be paying more than 60 dollars for 30ml @ 200mcg/ml


I recently bought from AG-Guys. Good stuff and fast delivery. 30 ml @ 200 mcg for $60.


Agreed...that company KICKS ASS!
Thanks Wolfen and Roberts!



You're welcome...glad it worked out for you...

...thats where I get all of my ancillaries (Arimidex, Femera, Clen, Cabergoline, Aromasin, etc...).


The liquid clen I got has NO taste whatsoever! Btw one of the benefits of liquid clen is you can really taper the dose up to your target dose gradualy since it's a liquid.

Since we're talking about clen I have a related question for Mr. Roberts. The clen with ketotifen mixed in from Ibe, does the keto make you sleepy. I've noticed I'm more sleepy lately (even if I take Spike) since I started the clen? Normal?


No it taste worse than FOUL. It taste like a mixture of trash and bad fish. Its horrible but it will have you bouncing off the walls.


what target dose do you use, and does anyone here take it for longer than 2 weeks, or do u just switch to 2 day on/2 day off???????????


I don't know why you'd be more sleepy now than you were before with the same stuff.

I don't use IBE, and wouldn't reccomend anyone else does so either...so...


I can't believe right thinking human beings would waste their hard earned money on a rip-off site like AG-Guys.

Is there someone here on the payroll of those scammers? They suck and anyone that knows anything about research chems will tell you they bend you over and give you an ass rape everytime you give them your credit card number.

Holy Hell!! Wake the fuck up and quit being led like a bunch of fucking lemmings.


I have no idea what planet you just arrived from.
However, I do know that I have gotten all my orders promptly and that I got what I paid for.
You should be more specific about what it is that makes you think they are scammers. The evidence thus far says your full of it.



If you are paying 60 bucks for 30mls of anything you paid for way more than what you got. Unless you think it is worth 30 bucks to see a really cool link to Pub Med in the product description screen.

I'll say it again - wake the fuck up and quit being a bunch of damned lemmings.

If you want proof from me PM me and ask. I am not allowed by the powers that be to air the truth about certain issues in the public forum.


Rainjack is cranky lately. LOL !!!

I'm not sure where the confusion came in but I'll try that again. I've never used clen with ketotifen before. So this is my first time using it, AND I've been sleepy lately. I've used plain old clen by itself before and it didn't make me sleepy like this. While you didn't answer me if ketotifen makes you tired like I've been, I'd assume it does which is why I asked. Why would I assume this? Well you mentioned it is in Benadryl and that in most countries it's used as a sleep aid.

BTW, I didn't ask if you would use IBE. I just said that I did. I'm really starting to get PISSED THE FUCK OFF though! I've been warned about giving the ibe link out to people who need products they sell. I reccomend their products for several reasons; They've been around for awhile, their customer service is excellent and they're very personable, their sales are AWESOME (2 for 1), and even without the sale their prices are better then most, plus I've used their products and they do what I expect them to do. All legitimate reasons. Now could someone show some balls and tell me why if nobody has any "vested interests" in other companies then why can Mr. Roberts post about Ag-guys.


Hey Ya'll, I just recently got into working out about 4 months ago and I'm trying to lose about 10-15 pounds, anyway, I started using the liquid clen about a week and a half ago and I just weighed last night, I'd only lost 2 pounds, which I was kinda disappointed (I guess I was hoping for some dramatic change)...ANYWAY, I had another question about it...

When I am working out (It doesn't matter if it's legs, shoulders, arms...)I am constantly cramping up, I've had to cut my workouts short 3 times because of the cramps, is this because of the clen? I'd never had cramps like this before...if anyone else has experienced this I would love some insight, thanks!


They are some people on their OWN payrolls in this forum, they plug their books and websites whenever possible.




Boys that's on every website. However, being that what I said last got posted I'd say it has nothing to do with Biotest.

As for the clen question. Bro if a bunch of people where verbally arguing about what we are here would you come in with that question. Do a search, and to give you some immediate relief to you question,Yup that's from the clen. Also by telling us as little as you did about yourself and mentioning you just as little as you did in general about your clen protocol you're making yourself look like a noobie. NOw noobie's are bad but they are generally the ones who ask questions without looking,like you did ( or so it would seem). And they often only ask AFTER they've come across a problem without looking into what they're about to do in the first place (which is what you've clearly done). Clen is dangerous and is one of the few drugs bodybuilders use that can kill you really quick.

Please start a new thread after youresearch using the search engine and google. Then feel free to post away, we'll all help you from there.


Are you f'ing serious???? Please read this thread AT THE VERY LEAST. http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=887931