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Liquid Clen Progress/Question


Hey all, into my first week of my first Liquid Clenbuterol cycle.

Just have a few questions, which I'm a little unclear about.

My current dosage has been this:
(NOTE: Bottle is a 100mcg/ml and a 50ml bottle)

Day 1- Monday, .5ml
Day 2- Wednesday, 1ml
Day 3- Friday, 1.5ml
Day 4- Sunday, 1.5ml

Does this dosing seem correct? as it is what i was advised, however upon reading on a few threads, have raised an eyebrow to my current dosage.
The plan is to gradually increase to 2.5ml (max) on a 2 week on, 2 week off cycle. *(Should last 7 weeks, will not be stacking any T3 or Benadryl)

Have lowered my carb intake to roughly 120-140 grams a day, and majority is consumed for first meal of the day and pre workout (rest come post workout)

I havn't noticed any change in my body, any constructive feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!

Kind Regards.


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250mcg is just too much clen, be careful bro

try this

Day 1: 40mcg
Day 2: 60mcg
Day 3: 80mcg
Day 4: 100mcg
Day 5: 120mcg
Day 6: 140mcg
Day 7-14: 160mcg

2weeks off

then start at 120 again and work up to 160 again.

*If you have benadryl just start it at your 3rd week at 1mg/day (No need to stop clen if you have some)