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Liquid Clen on Airplane?

Hey guys. New member here. I’m not sure if i’m posting in the right section, but I need your guys help.
So i’m going out of the country for 2 months and i’m deciding to bring my liquid clen. Please don’t say to ship it there or just leave it at home.
I was thinking around the lines of putting it in my checked luggage either in a vanilla extract bottle or maybe in a hand sanitizer-mini shampoo bottle gathered around other cosmetic products? If I give them no reason to believe I have anything suspicious, I doubt they’d check.
My Liquid clen is a research chemical in 200mcg/ml 30ml vial. Thanks guys!


Cant wait for the post asking what to do now that uve been arrested

what country are you flying from/to?

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
what country are you flying from/to?[/quote]

  • America to France
    guys… dogs aren’t trained to smell clen -.-

A buddy of mine has taken research anastrozole, prescription adex, prescription test (without the doctor’s script attached), GHRP-6 and GRF1-29 peptides, and a couple other things in and out of the EU with absolutely no issue. He is prescribed all those things (except the peptides, obviously), so he had an out if things were questioned, but there were absolutely no questions asked. Didn’t even bother transferring the shit into a less descript case. Just tucked it in his shaving kit with the rest of his toiletries, checked his bag, reclaimed it at customs (on both ends) and went on living his life.

Plus if its research clen, it could be for research purposes. You know for your pet monkeys.

Like VT said, you may be ok because it is a research chemical.
That said, im currently in the US and on the way here they did a random spot-check and guess who it was on?
Yes they literally turned my suitcase inside out, thankfully I did not risk anything although I was planning to bring some I did not. I probably would have been arrested there and deported back to the UK with a ban from coming to the states again.

IMO, I would not risk it unless it is prescribed or you are travelling to a country where its personal use is legal.