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Liquid Clen Dosage


hi, has anyone had experience with liquid clen
134 lb, 23% bf, female. i want to try clen and ive researched it mostly in tablet form. but the site i trust sells it liquid...

any suggestions?


ye, dont take it. at 23% bf you dont need clen to shed unwanted fat. proper diet and excerise should get you nere your goal.

clen should never be the easy way out. if you instist on using clen read into albuterol very similiar and alot less sides.


It depends on the liquid best to start with no more than 50mcg a day but in your case being 134lb I'd start with half that in the morning wait a bit and see how you feel. Some people hate clen's sides but it doesn't bother me at all. Just a little bit of shaky hands. I'd take some taurine with it to be safe as clen depletes taurine levels. Clen will only last for two weeks (three with Ketotifen) at the most after that the receptors get burt out.

I'd try and lose some bodyfat before you take it or take it now for 2 weeks continue dieting for a while then when fat loss slows hit it again. It won't do much unless your diet is right.


Nah, clen's sides are nothing. Just taper up your dosage and you're fine. Proper diet and exercise are necessary, but I see nothing wrong with the addition of clen as a fat burner on top of that. However, we know very little about what her goals are, so...


My girlfriend is planning a clen cycle. She plans on using the liquid clen (�??for research purposes�?? stuff). Anyway, the dosing is a problem because the liquid clen came in a bottle marked 200 MCG per ML. I assume the bottle contains a total volume of 1 milli-liter.

There is a push type sprayer on the bottle. Our question is �??how many sprays are needed for a 20 milligram dosage�??? I�??m sure one of the vets on this site as some insight.


You mean 20 mcg right?

You could just use a syringe measure it out instead. 1/10 of a cc.


Best way is to pick up an insulin syringe (1cc=1mL), that makes it easy to measure and also accurate at small doses like 20mcg.


I don't know how you can say clen's sides are nothing. Most people experience extreme jitters. I myself use albuterol, its little cousin, and I still get terrible shakiness sometimes.


At 160mcg taken in the morning I am just a bit jittery for a few hours and then I basically stop noticing it. Maybe I am less sensitive than others. It still shouldn't be a problem if you taper up and stop where you feel the sides become too uncomfortable.