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Liquid Clen Calculation


hi, does anyone know the dosage for female, 136 lb.

also , what do i use to properly measure it, eye dropper, needle for diabetics.


i use a syringe to measure my liquid OT. Hope that helps.


Depends on the dosage of the Clen.
What is the concentration?

Either way, being a female, the dosage will be low.


oh.......that is some shit man. I'd have to be desperate as HELL to lose some fat to use that.

BUT its winter, dress cool and you'll be fine.

you might need to sleep with the windows open as well (unless you live in a very snowy area.)


You sound like you are talking about DNP. Does everyone really have this much trouble with clen? I have found it to do no more than give me the jitters for a couple of hours and then I don't even notice it. I've taken up to 200mcg, too.


Clen doesn't raise my body temperature, but it does make my heart beat so fast it feels like my carotid arteries are about to explode.

As was said, it will depend on the concentration of the liquid Clen.