Liquid Clen 100mcg/ml 50ml

Hi all, new to this site, just looking for a quick hand

Starting my first ever cycle of a steroid on monday, using a 100mcg/ml 50ml bottle of clen.
Was advised to take 2ml servings 3 days a week for 3 weeks,
1 week rest,
then up dosage to 2.5ml/3 days a week for the remainder.

Upon conducting a little of my own research, this seems wrong?
Some assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for reading.

clen is not a steroid…

also that dose is too high, I believe you will find that injectable clen is far more effective than oral clen (it is also a painful injection), so you will not need to start with that much IMO.

Where did he say injectable?

[quote]reidnez wrote:
Where did he say injectable?[/quote]

shit you’re right…my mistake lol

Appreciate the replies, so this dose is too high?
Any recommendations on a good dosage? My body is rather tolerant( High dosed many supps before)

Clenbuterol is not a supplement and not exactly a steroid. It’s used for fat loss and has shown to be anti-catabolic (in animals).

Average dose is 100mcgr/day. You can start at 50/day and work your way up to see how your body reacts. I took 1 ml (=100mcgr) during the morning.

Some programs say to stay on for 2 weeks and off for the following 2. It could work. I was on for 4 weeks and quit for 2-3 before starting again.

It does work, but i really hate the product.

Thanks Dahollow, yeah im looking at cutting with it, currently on about 13% bodyfat at 93kg’s, have a diet in place, so all will begin tommorow, wasn’t too sure on the technicalities of “clebuterol”

How where your results with the dosage at 100mcg/day?