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Liquid Chalk


I need Liquid chalk for a upscale gym for some xtra workouts any recommendations on products you guys have liked..


Steelman - I keep a couple of bottles of Liquid Chalk in my gym bag. It's nothing like magnesium carbonate, but it's better than nothing when in a gym that doesn't allow chalk.

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I am pretty sure we have tried most of them out there and the best I have tried is the "GRRRIP" product that Priscilla sells on her site.


Get the gel, though. Not the spray.


I'd like to try this stuff too. plgearonline seems to be down, and a google search just turns up this message. Does anyone know where else Grrrip Gel can be found?



Does your gym allow chalk-balls? Those rule.



I just tried this stuff for the first time last night. It's much better than the Liquid Chalk spray I've been using.

Thanks for the tip.



Right on!



I just googled Grrrip and found this. Unfortunately, this site only sells it by the case and doesn't have an order form.

My club's manager just put the kibosh on my chalk use last night. I clean it up and everything, and only use it sparingly for max effort DL and heavy RDL rep work, but it's against our club policy.

I'll probably try a few other products before ordering a whole case of this shit.



Try here:


I use the gel (lotion) as recommended by apwsearch. Put just a little in the palm of one hand, rub your hands together for a few seconds, and blow into your cupped hands. Your hands and fingers turn white and will stay dry for a couple of hours. Works great.



As far as I remember I got mine when I ordered some stuff from liftinglarge but I like it. I prefer it over normal chalk.
Don't recall the brand name, though.

Hey, maybe it would be a good idea to sell that stuff on this site, too :slight_smile:

Good grip can Improve your deadlift better than any supplement I guess haha.

P.S: Why don't you just look in some outdoor/climbing store in your town. I think many sell liquid chalk, too.