Liquid Calories and Lack of Appetite

Hey everyone. Not really much of a poster around here (read some of the articles and surf the forums a lot). I just want to share my experience with liquid calories being a god send in terms of gaining mass.

I’m about 6’ 2" and 190 pounds currently. I’m a fulltime student, and also work about 20 hours a week. I have always had trouble getting in enough calories to gain weight, and a big part of the problem has been a lack of appetite to eat more than about 3,000 calories a day.

Lately, I’ll throw together 2 cups of milk, a serving a Grow! Whey original flavor, 2 shot glasses full of EVOO, a banana, and about half a cup of peanut butter into a blender. This equates to around 1,900 calories and ~70 grams of protein or so. I’ll drink about half of this upon waking up, and then other half at some point during the day when I find it difficult to prepare a meal.

The effects of this have been great. All of my lifts are going up, and I’ve been able to gain about a pound and a half or so every week for the past 6 weeks or so.

So for fellow skinny guys who have trouble putting on mass, if you haven’t given one of these bulk shakes a try, you really should think about it! The taste isn’t terrbile, and it rally is easier to down a shake then it is to eat a big meal when you aren’t hungry (I’m typically not hungry upon waking up in the morning, so this is perfect for me).

Good advice.

Sure beats buying one of those expensive “weight gainers” loaded with sugar that the 160lb GNC associates are pushing on customers.

haha. last time i went to gnc (because the internet was late) the GNC supervisor tried to sell me their vitamins

on the basis that when i cook vegetables, the vitamins diffuse into the atmosphere via the steam coming off of the vegetables

probably one of the least informed things ive heard since i overheard some child in the college gym telling his cohort that he was going to drop mad fat (off of his already 150lb,abercrombie body) by cutting sodium completely out of his diet and wearing sweatpants in the spring


and that is an intense shake. good for you. keep it growing keep it flowing!