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Liquid Breakfast Ideas?


Hi everyone,

I'm gonna start a full-time summer job and I have to start at 9:30am. This means I will have to wake up around 7:30am since I plan to hit the weights in the morning before attending my job.

I plan to get myself a blender so that I can chug down a quick but complete liquid meal before I hit the gym early.

Could anybody give me any ideas on what to have? The problem is that protein powders don't agree with my stomach so I need to get my protein from other sources.

What is a good breakfast shake that doesn't require much time to prepare and has good amounts of protein, carbs and fats?


Well I would lean toward downing a serving of Surge before hand because I can stomach it easily during a w/o as opposed to something that contains lots of more complex carb, pro. and fats and then hit something more substantial right after your w/o. It also really seems to give me a good dose of energy for the w/o as well.

But that is just me. If you can load up and still w/o with intensity without getting sick go for it. Some ideas. I have had to make shakes for my mom to get some calories down her mouth easier and find a lot of things handy.

For fats oils, nuts, cocnut, etc..

Protein well usually Grow! also milk cottage cheese and occasionally eggs.

Carbs Fruit, oats, instant Potatoes work great as does instant rice. Those last two for sure reserved for those whom are looking to pack on some mass but they load up the carbs and cals easily and dont mess with the flavor of the shake.

I dunno and example would be say

1 cup of milk
1 scoop of Grow!
1 cup of oats
1 Fruit ( apple , cup of berries, banana, etc.)
1/4 cup nuts of Tbs of oil

This simple shake would give between 5-700 cals depending on the type of milk type of fruit, nuts and or oil. A nice dose 30+ of Protein, fats 15+ good fats, and a whoppin dose of complex and more simple carbs to fuel you for the short and long term.

Easily adjusted up or down to fit your own needs.

Just experiment, you are sure to find all types of combos that work

Hope that helps,


I saw the following meal replacement shake suggestion on John Berardi's site:

1 cup water
3 tbsp cottage cheese or yogurt
1 serving Greens+
2 scoops Biotest Low-Carb Grow!
1/2 cup frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
3 tbsp ground flax seeds
3 tbsp mixed nuts

I've tried it myself and it's very filling.



One cup milk
One banana(for carbs) and one serving berries. Or just use two bananas.
One scoop protein powder.
One table spoon flax oil(you can drink it first and wash it down with the shake.)


"The problem is that protein powders don't agree with my stomach so I need to get my protein from other sources."

1 cup pasturized eggs or egg whites
1 cup milk
1 cup fruit yoghurt

shake it up in a wide mouthed spaghetti jar and off ya go.

post work out you might try:

1 cup dry oatmeal
1/2 cup dry milk
1/4 cup raisins
1/2 cup apple sauce
water to desired thickness

It's portable, won't spoil, you can use one of those pre packaged apple sauces. I mix with plenty of water to drink it, and chew it down. Like an oatmeal cookie.


work out after work.
prepare your shakes from the night before if you are under time restraints in the morning and in order to let the froth settle.
Classic or Low-Carb Grow! shakes with peanut butter and or oatmeal is a solid and easy idea. laters pk


Problem with this is that I feel pretty drained after my shift to then go ahead and train.

I might be able to hit the gym, but I wouldn't be able to hit the weights with the same intensity as I would on early mornings, since I've just woke up and am fresh..

your thoughts?


My thoughts? Working out in the morning sucks! You're weaker in the morning, even if you feel refreshed!

If you're drained after work, you're either:

1) Working a physically demanding job
2) Not eating enough

My guess is Number 2.


Its a combination of both IMO. I may be not eating enough, but at the same time my job requires to lift heavy cartons full of goods when occasional containers arrive..

Add to that the fact that in Spain the summers are terribly HOT and you can't help feeling drained and sluggish.

I would have no problems being at the gym at around 6:00pm but the heat and the previous work during my shift would definitely hamper my training intensity and maximum weight lifts.


When I train in the morning, this is what I drink about 30-60 min. before the gym:

1 scoop each Van. & Choc. Grow! (Low-Carb or Classic depending on my goals)
2 tbsp instant coffee
Dash of cinnamon
Optional: Benefiber, creatine

This gives me a jolt, and tastes really good.

I also like:

2 scoops either Van. or Straw. Grow!
1 Cup organic yogurt (plain or van.)
1/2 Cup frozen berries
Optional: Benefiber, creatine


The first shake recipe sounds really tempting.

Thanx ! Shall give it a shot.


SOME CRAZY IDEAS HERE :slight_smile:
what need is around 200gm of egg white including one whole egg. about 200ml of skim milk. 1 banana and a hand full of froozen mixed berries. If you are keen to experiment with the protein powder throw a scoop in there too.

I worked it out to be between 20 and 30 gm protein (without the powder)
about 10 gm of fat(egg yolk)
ad the carb were around 30-40(fruit)

I would suggest you take this with a low release carb also like porridge or weet bix. for sustained energy.




There's some data suggesting that caffeine/ coffee interferes with creatine uptake. I believe it's due to the body's catecholamine response from the caffeine.

This does make sense, since adrenalin is known to counteract the effects of insulin (a known creatine "helper").

But I like the coffee/ mocha/ protein idea otherwise!



Mr. Lowery,

could I request you to post an adequate breakfast shake that includes all the necessary macros (in the right amounts)
I should ingest BEFORE a morning workout?

Please note that protein powders don't agree with me so a recipe containing all natural foods would be much better.



If you can't use protein powders for whatever reason, then you basically have the choice of mixing up milk, juice and/or fruit. You could also try chocolate milk.

In your case, I would skip the liquid meal and focus on a real meal containing more protein. Eat some eggs, toast and juice. Work out an hour later. A liquid meal without using protein powder isn't going to have much calories or protein unless you are using heavy cream or whole milk or something along those lines. But then it's going to be more fat than anything else. Oh well. What can you do? Adapt and improvise.