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Liquid Arimidex & Blood Work

Saw my HRT doc to day and he wants me on arimidex 0.5mg twice a week. Almost $8/mg choke

What I have not seen on research chem sites is anything about the shelf life of this and others in liquid form, or need to refrigerate?

(1) Comments on storage life would be helpful.

Estrogen levels are not high, no gyno. But me and doc are concerned that T:E ratios are responsible for inconsistent sex drive.

(2) Any thoughts re 0.5mg twice a week for long term HRT?

Blood work:
Test serum 886, test saliva 498
Free test serum 3.43
Estrogen serum 24, estrogen saliva 2.6

I am getting strong and hard muscle mass from the test cyp, my body seems to be responding very well to that.

100mg test cyp/wk, 250IU HCG EOD