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Liquid anti-e's

Starting my cycle today. I currently have liquid arimidex and clomid, and also liquid nolva just in case. (Actually the clomid and arimidex should be here in a day or two, but I cant wait to start…) Anyway, heres my question: these products come with droppers (at least the nolva does for sure), how many drops of each do I need to reach the following dosages. (The products are from Liquid Research)

Nolva - 20mg
Arimidex - .25mg
Clomid - 50mg

Thanks in advance…

Depends on the concentration.

you’ll need to check with the website but i believe the doses are as follows.


Its should be listed on the bottles and website as well.

The bottles are not marked with concentrations. They are from Liquid Research. Anyone use these products before.

Are you sure you have Liquid Research stuff? My Liquid Research Arimidex stated 1mg/ml on the bottle. The top of the bottle is an unmarked eye dropper. When full, that eye dropper is 1ml. So, you want about 1/4 of it full. The clomid states 50mg/ml and comes with a marked 1ml eye dropper. So, you want it full.

BTW-make sure your dropping it under your tongue and not into your eyes :wink:

From experience I would use a syringe to measure the adex. That stuff needs to be dosed consistently and a dropper leaves too much room for error.