Liquid Anodrol?

New member here, as you could tell. I’ve been really into weight lifting since last April and have been making some mild gains, however it’s not nearly enough for me. I’ve wanted to get steroids for quite a while now and finally have the opportunity to do so.

My friend has “Liquid Anodrol” that I would be buying and then using. Is this a good decision? If anyone can give me some insight into this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The only reason it’s a good decision is that “liquid anodrol” is not a steroid. It’s a good decision because no one who has been lifting for a few months should be using steroids.

Yeah I saw something similar and questioned if this is even what I’m looking for. I’ve been working out for a little over a year but I didn’t get too into it until last April. I’ve been working out every day since then (with on average 1 off day a week). I’ve finally established some reasonable gains and I think it’s about time I get steroids. Problem is pretty much no one is trustworthy.

No, the problem is that you are like the rest of the idiots out there that are too impatient. You’ve been training for how long? 7 months?

And what are your stats? I’d like to see what they reflect.

Diet, Creatine, Technique, Training splits, metabolic resistence training, competitive sports… These are the resources that you should max out before you begin steroids. You have probably hit a small plateau which can be overcome easily with the right aproach.

Put it simply…you should try every training program, every exercise, every supplement, every diet before steroids are the only option.

I say this because I probably wasn’t ready either.

I made progressive gains on creatine alone for about 5 years before I thought I needed something new.