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Liquid Anodrol-WTF?

Alright guys, I am not a user just a lurker, but I have a few questions. I keep getting this shit in the mail that promises 25 shredded pounds and 100lb. gains on your squat and bench max. Liquid Anodrol which is the chemical Oxymethobol. It is supposed to be the analog of Anadrol 50. D-Bol which is a chemical called Methadrostenol, and supposedly the same thing as Dianabol. This shit is made by SDI-Labs. Has anyone heard of or tried this shit? And is it legit? I don’t plan on using any of this I would just like someone with experience to give their opinions. Thanks and stay strong.


We did a whole article exposing these guys. Here it is:


SDI labs are a bunch of decietful douchebags that depend on other peoples ignorance to make their money. They won’t be around long. That being said fuck them all in their stupid asses.

I just got a bottle have only used it once… but the ingredients are…
L-Ariginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate;Glycocyamine;7,(5b)-Cholesten-2b,3b,14a,20R,22R,25-hexol-6-one 60% Cyanotis Vaga Extract; Androst-4-one-3,6,17-trione; lotion and other crap
Well if it really does have all this crap in it then it should be legit from what i have read so i gess well see if i got in the ass or not?!?!?!

The ingredients you listed won’t do shit for you

Well, you could make liquid anodrol with a cyclodextrin complex… but suffice it to say that the stuff you bought ain’t it and, like P22 said, it ain’t gonna do shit. I also wouldn’t even think of injecting it…

Just my 2 cents.

You can always count on Wideguy to use the right words LOL…

Never trust anything (buying, swallowing, injecting) that has a product name that “sounds” like a real steroid…

Companies like this will use “similar” sounding names to perk the interest of those who don’t know better…hence, to make a quick buck. Fuck 'em. They give a bad name to our sport and cause.

yeh im sure i got riped but lol the little needle looking thing is an oral measering thingy and its a lotion(supersticky nasty shit that makes your shirt stick to your chest)thats in the bottle…

<<<----DUMB ASS :slight_smile:

Any one now where i can find sumthing that works???


i jus bought 4 bottles of anodrol…that being said save all of ur insulting comments because i feel dumb as it is. i been using it for 2 weeks now and NOTHING has fukin changed. i can work out jus as much as i did on cell tech, and i havent gotten bigger or stronger. i wish i would have found this site before i bought it.

FWIW, these people are still around, and just scammed the heck out of my 18 year old stepson.

Buyer beware!

Well Bob it’s kinda of a double edged sword in your case. Plus a lesson learned for the kid who’s out all that money. BTW, shamefully I bought an SDI product the other day. It’s like this little tube of premade protein drink that kinda looks like one of those shots that the shot girl walks around with in the bars that have those little test tube looking bright colored sugary shots.

It looked kinda cool and the idea of having 25 grams of liquid protein in an “ubreakable” little tube somehow appealed to me.

I’ve been wondering about these guys for years. Glad I never bought that garbage. I was however suckered into buying DermaGain by Impact Nutrition. Absolute crap also.

Question to Bushy or Anthony Roberts-

The “Guru” that owns Impact Nutrition is Jeff Summers and he put out a small magazine called the Anabolic Insider. Does anyone personally know this guy of know of him?

All may not be lost. Granted you may have gotten ripped, but at least the product contains alpha ketoglutarate – and no, that’s not some miracle substance in and of itself. It’s currently overhyped, overpriced crap. Apparently it can help the production of growth hormone in the body, however; not by itself, but as part of an overall nutrient profile. According to Colgan’s “Optimum Sports Nutrition”, at least. My copy’s a bit outdated, so current though may have changed.

He recommends taking alpha-ketoglutarate, leucine, arginine, and ornithine before training and before sleeping. (He also recommends training and sleeping 2x daily, and supplementing with Vitamin C).

Take it for what it’s worth. You may have wasted the money, but you may as well make what use of the product you can.


Unfortunately, he is convinced this is going to work because “all the guys at school took it last year and it worked for them.” I had him read your response and PM and he still doesn’t want to listen. Then he drove off to school, sped, cut off a driver by making an illegal left turn, and got hit… by an off duty EMT who of course called her cop BF. So much for his Avalanche. Karma, maybe?