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Liquid Anavar?

Has any of you used this before. Found a new source and this is on of the things he has. I have heard it was lot better then caps or tabs. Any feed back on it would be great.

Even though I am thing of buying just to try for my self hell that 60mls 20mg/ml for $60 why the hell not right

Liquid, caps, tabs your body treats them all the same assuming it’s real and dosed accurately.


20mg of anavar suspended in alcohol/Peg is the same as 20mg of anavar in a capsule.

I was told that it would be a lot easyer on the liver. Is this true

[quote]rosebud wrote:
I was told that it would be a lot easyer on the liver. Is this true[/quote]

Ugh… did you not just read my above post? It’s the same thing…

Liver toxicity is generally not a concer with Anavar. However pill form, liquid, or chewing gum forms will all have the same impact on the body, good or bad. Even though it is 17aa methlyated AAS, if you read the studies and articles in reference to this AAS you will find it not very toxic to the liver and if often prescribed to those with degenerative deseases, including liver disease.

That being said at 50 mgs per day and over, I would still take the same precautions as if you were taking d-bol - Milk thistle, NAC, and ALA, they are all good for you anyway.

How did this workout for you. At $60 that is cheap!!!