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Liquid Anastrozole


I just ordered liquid Anastrozole
from an online research chemical site,
the container is 50mL 1mg/mL. I was wondering if there is any specific/recommended way to take it
(like in water perhaps) or should I just drop the desired amount straight into my mouth?



Is it a solution or a suspension? I squirt the solutions in a glass of OJ because I can't stand the taste.

Most suspensions are flavored - just squirt it straight into your mouth.


It is a suspension....and on the page
it gives a warning that " All of these products are intended for research purposes only. These products are not intended for human consumption and may be harmful if accidentally ingested. "

Is it safe for me to use?


Every research chem says that somewhere - usually right on the bottle. That is for liability purposes as research chems are not designed for human consumption - they are for research purposes.

But I'd be willing to bet my house and car that the stuff you have is safe for you to take - though that is not what they are designed for.

Hell I used to take terramycin (LA200) which is antibiotics for cattle. I still take it when I get sick.


What is this good for because you can order it pill form online legally it says.. i found several places to buy it and it says it is legal so how does it work and what is it good for.


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There's places you can buy it online without a perscription? And with reasonable prices in tab form? This bottle is only costing me $30.