Liquid Anastrozole Dosage...1st Timer

I began HRT 13 weeks ago, and it seems to be going well although during my last blood test 4 weeks ago, I told the girl at my Dr.'s office to put in an Estrodiol test.

My doc is like most I’m learning, and simply thinks high E is totally normal when you’re getting your T high as well. I personally think I’ve always been E dominant (gain fat easy, carry extra fat in my chest even when I’m lean), and my test came back at 54.

So I got some liquid Anastrozole, my question is:

Is a good baseline/starting point 1mg per week? And if so, how many mg. per drop/s? I think I read on another post that 8 drops EOD would provide 1mg per week, but I wanted to be sure. I then plan to adjust accordingly to how I feel.

Any advice? Thanks in advance!

Q:Is a good baseline/starting point 1mg per week?


I use the rule of thumb that there are 20 drops per milliliter. Your anastrozole is probably at the concentration of 1mg/ml so the arithmetic is easy.

1ml = 20 drops / 7 days = 2.86 drops per day x 2 (for EOD) = 5.71 or basically 6 drops EOD.

It is just a starting point anyway, so don’t get too wrapped up in the numbers. You will probably need to adjust. I’m at 8 drops and I know a guy at 4 drops… it all depends on how you react.

Thanks Happydog!

I’m on 200mg of test cyp/week, taken in two doses weekly. Did I read you thought this might work better taken EOD as well?

Thanks again