Liquid Anadrol Legit?

From the research I’ve done I cant find anything about a drinkable anadrol. What I have found is information about a fake cream sold by some shady online sights.

So bottom line is there a real liquid anadrol?

It isnt about real and fake anymore like it used to be 10 years ago.

There is no such thing as a liquid ANY-oral (Dbol, Nolva, Clen) if you mean pharmaceutically or commercially. But some companies suspend the ‘pure’ powder of these oral drugs in a liquid for ease of delivery, ease of manufacture and importantly quite often to bypass certain loopholes in the law pertaining to the manufacture and sale of such drugs. That is to say, claiming they are research chemicals not for human consumption.

Now if a stupid 23 year old wannabe Bodybuilder is dumb enough to drink said product thinking they will illicit some sort of growth response - well they cant help that can they, they marked it clearly…

Does that answer your question?

Now, what does it take to be considered real or fake in your book?

sounds like a riddle to me bro. It’s a milky white suspension of 30ml 50mg/ml from a UG lab. Using the tylenol dropper I accidently got some of the pink pain reliever in the suspension. Its all collected right at the top haha. I actually had done some more research and found out that oral anadrol does infact exist.

As far as “illiciting some sort of growth response” I’m of course crossing my fingers. Dude could be selling me bullshit

At the same time Im not naive. I know that one cycle, being my first at that, isnt goin to have me looking roided out

Anadrol by itself is not a good cycle at all or a good first cycle.

thinking multiple cycles is what makes people look ‘roided out’ is a bad thought process.

As Brook said and AFAIK there is no commercial or pharmaceutical liquid anadrol. Some UG labs do suspend it in a liquid solution tho so that it is easy to measure. Often done because they did not have the equipment or patience to cap it.

If you trust the source then it should be good. If you take Anadrol for a week or 2 you should see some dramatic results and know if your gear is legit or not.

Now if it’s ‘ANODROL’ or wtf they call it in the mags and online you got jipped.

I’m gonna go out on a whim and say you need to do some more research.


i <3 anadrol

lol! When i saw your name as the last post Game, i knew you’d have positive things to say about it!

I enjoyed it too the last time i used it. I have to say i used it with 700mg test a week and didnt get much in the way of aggressive estrogen sides (letro was a massive help i think, and may be the secret!) - although BP must have been up as my nose was bleeding like a cunt! :wink:


Well Im running it with deca 500mg a week and cyp 600mg a week. Just hit the anadrol for the first time yesterday. However I dont trust the source one bit, and am planning on getting my blood tested tomorrow.

Of course I’d like to get to that point where people question whether Im enhanced or not, but that’s one of the lesser important goals I hope to obtain through my journey

why so much nandrolone

well I started at 300mg a week but for the last few weeks decided to up the dose as my shoulders are hurting like a bitch. From what Ive read on this sight 400mg is whats needed to be effective anyways so wanted to be closer to that range.

Not true in the slightest.

The age old theory is the best effect to side effect ratio is found at 2mg/lb bodyweight, and i have not only used it very successfully at this dose but i know that 1.3mg/lb and above is enough when using a quality 100% pure nandrolone.