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Liqiud Clen Help


Hey everyone,

I have Liquid Clen on hand.
The concentration is 1000mcg/ml!

How am i supposed to measure such small amounts, as 20, 40 or 60mcg? All the gauges I have found go up in .5ml increments, way too much!

Anyone dealt with Clen before?


I don't have any direct experience with that type of clen but here are a couple suggestions.

1) find some way to dilute the solution and with enough mixing still keep a consistant concentration. Then you could get it down to perhaps 500 or 250mcg/ml.

2) you could do the math and use an insulin pin to measure out a tiny amount and squirt it in your mouth.

Only suggestions, like I said I have no direct experience with this type of clen but I came across the same problem dealing with peptide protocols.



1) I'll try this, what to dilute the clen with though?

2) The math is done, I just need something to measure such a small amount. I've worked out 0.02ml= 20mcg. Insulin pin will measure this?