Lipotropic (b-12) Injections

Anyone have experience with these? It’s touted as a fat burner, as well as energy enhancer. Looks like it’s just a compound of vitamins and amino acids that are injected. My T clinic offered me these as an add on to my TRT. It’s a one time fee of $150, but delivered every month for the duration of treatment.

Honestly that is a really good deal, if I buy a vial it’s about that same price.

Whether or not it works is up for debate, there is probably some placebo effect but I thought I saw some gains in energy.

One thing that has really helped me is tri amino injections…my workouts are noticeably better with that stuff in my system.

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Anyone else have experience with this?

We use it. Compounding pharmacies have their own formulas. We use a few, one has methionine, inositol, choline, plus the B vitamins, I don’t recall exact amounts off the top of my head. A 30mL vial is $102, taken every other day 0.5mL, lasts four months.

Some love it. I’ve used it from time to time. Can’t say I’ve noticed dramatic results. We get a lot of requests for it towards the summer months.

Thanks! I’m not sure what mine is compounded with yet. I’ll have to see when I get it. But I did end up signing up after @Johnbu1981 said it was a pretty good deal.

I did b12 injections. They just increase energy. Doesn’t make my mood better or anything

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See if they have a deal like that for tri-amino injections…I think you’ll like those.

Where do you do TRT…in person, tele medicine?

They did offer those. Same deal. I didn’t know they were injections at the time and I thought they were trying to sell me BCAA pills for $150 so I passed. What do you like about the injections?

I think it’s the ultimate pre-workout supplement; I see noticeable gains in my lifts if I take a cc or two of the tri amino before my workout. Totally worth it IMO, no caffeine or other stimulants, just great boost in energy without the side effects.

Do you mind me asking who you get TRT from? I’ve been going in person for over two years now and looking into telemedicine options.

I just switched clinics. I actually misunderstood them on the phone. The lipotropic injections are priced per vial. They told me that there was no subscription after buying the vial, I took that to mean that it was part of the trt treatment, but in fact they meant I need to call to order a new vial each time. It was wishful thinking on my part.

I can put you in touch with my old clinic, they are the best price at of any clinic I’ve seen, they just manage you fairly strictly. They will keep you at the top of the range, but won’t let tour total T go over. Email in bio. I just switched to the clinic @dextermorgan Recommended, and haven’t received anything from them yet. I recommend emailing him if you want to go that route.

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