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Liposuction recovery ??

fellas - i’m having lipo next week (gynecomastia). has anyone else ever had this? how soon can i start exercising, specifically weight-lifting again? the doc said 6 weeks, but they say that for everything. also, how much pain should i really expect, and how long before they look “normal”? thanks!

You can probably guess by the name but I’ve had liposuction twice (midsection only). Expect to be swollen. Swelling may take a year to fully subside. You’ll need to wear the compression garment as much as possible and long as possible. Make them give you 2 sets. Personally I was back in the gym within 2 weeks but that probably wasn’t a good idea. Pain isn’t really an issue at 1st. First couple of days you’ll probably need some mild painkillers but weeks later you may get a surprise. Since the nerves are damaged in the process you don’t really experience the worst pain until several weeks later when the nerves start regenerating. New nerves are VERY sensitive. My abs were on fire for a while there. Good luck.

It seems like this is a painful procedure. Would you do it again? I was considering it in the future because no matter how lean I get; I never lose my love handles. I was fat all the way up till I was 21 and then lost almost 90 pounds. ALso have a little loose skin.

Hey man, this is my Q back at ya. I have lost alot of weight over the past two years. Yet, my “titties” are still here despite constant weights,running,dieting,supplements. Is lipo the answer to kill off my knockers?

Fat tits does not equal gyno. Men store fat in the boob area like women do. Get fat, get tits. That’s not gyno. Not the same thing. Not accusing anyone here of making that mistake, but it is a common misconception.

JasonL - I lost about 50# before having the surgery. I could tell then that I was going to have handles regardless. I had the surgery about 12 years before (old technique) and it was botched so this second surgery was also an attempt to correct the 1st. Its not that painful overall and yes I would do it again. In fact I ‘may’ do it again if I’m not able to get the fat off where its bugging me. I’m ~10-12% bf and still have a little fat on the sides of my pecs and a couple of other small areas. My current surgeon refuses to do lipo again. He says it isn’t worth it and at my ‘low’ level of bodyfat there is more risk of uneven results (waviness).

ryano - If you've got your bf below say 15% and you still don't like what you see then I'd consider it.