Liposuction and the Nature of Fat Cells

I created an acount to ask these questions, because heaven knows I’ll be flamed. If anyone has some incite to these questions please chime in!. These questions are regarding liposuction and the nature of fat cells, but first let me give yall some background.


I’m a 26 yo male, 6’3’’ and 205 pounds. I’m around 18-20% BF based on DEXA scan. I’ve been heavily into weightlifting for around 9 years and nutrition for around 7 years. I’ve “cut” at least 3-4 times with moderate success, however, even at my leanest I’ve still had love handles. Small, but still present. These were not half ass endeavors. Two of these attempts I had a professional contest prep coach running my nutrition dieting for 16-18 weeks. I am an engineer by trade and very meticulous. I weight train 4 days a week and perform HIT cardio 2-3 times a week.

Also note: In my childhood there was a period of time where we had to eat fast food for 1-2 years. I was around 13. These were my “pudgy times.” I developed a nice set of love handles. This will be relevant to question #1.


1.) I have read that fat cells can not be destroyed only created and then subsequently shrunk when losing weight. Are older fat cells less susceptible to being shrunk? Do they isolate themselves over time from the avenues required to release triglycerides into the blood stream? Thus making it more difficult if not impossible to mobilize these stored triglycerides as fuel and shrink the cells?

2.) With question #1 in mind, Is liposuction a “clean slate.” Meaning that in order to gain fat in those areas again one must either grow the fat cells they currently have or lay down new fat cells. If one were to eat at their maintenance calories or at a calorie deficit, they would not lay down new cells in that region?

3.) Will liposuction change were one’s body preferentially lays down new fat cells or is this solely based on one’s hormonal profile?


You’re having trouble with ‘stubborn fat.’ In that regard, Lyle McDonald wrote a book entitled The Stubborn Fat Solution. You might consider checking it out. (No financial interest)

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I defiantly need to re-read that book. I do own it. I was just skimming though it and saw that on page 47 Lyle answered one of my questions:

“In addition to differences in responsiveness to lipolytic stimuli, certain fat depots have significantly poorer blood flow than others… Studies have shown that blood flow in the lower body fat may be as much as 67% lower than in other depots and this holds true for both men and women… Poor blood flow has two consequences of importance here. First and foremost, it means that blood borne hormones (such as the catecholamines which, recall, don’t work well to mobilize stubborn body fat in the first place) can’t get to the fat cells. Second, poor blood flow makes it harder to get mobilized fat away from the fat cell so that it can be burned elsewhere.”

Edit: One issue I’ve always had with Lyle what his own unimpressive physique. I know this sounds dumb, but I’d feel better if he looked the part.

Liposuction works. It is more a question of if you want to take the ’ easier’ route. Some will have just a viceral response, and only want to do the hard work…others are a bit more open to the idea.

I did so on my chin a few years back, and one of the best decisions I made. I cut down quite a bit and had still had a bit of a double chin…personally hated it, and bothered me for close to 10 years before I decided.

Lipo is surgury so has its risks. Also results especially at lower bodyfat levels can be less impressive, and worse case can be uneven (fat deposits are not taken out evenly and you get ridges etc).

If you are considering go to the site, post your pictures and let doctors give their recommondation. A bit of asking a barber if you need a haircut, but will give you some perspective.

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