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Liposuction Alternatives


I searched this forum, and could not find "Zerona" or "cool sculpting." I'm surprised. Zerona is laser treatment for fat loss, and an alternative to liposuction. Cool sculpting is also an alternative, but not one that I'm considering. Here are some articles on the subject:



Thoughts anyone?


...that's probably because most people on a FITNESS site would use exercise and diet manipulation to lose weight. Mind blowing, I know.

EDIT: for those late to the discussion, this thread started in the BB forum.


And that's all anyone on this "fitness" site would ever use, right? Certainly no drugs or anabolic steroids ever, right? Certainly, no surgery ever, right? Certainly, no artificial tanning or hair removal, right? Just "exercise and diet" ... on this FITNESS site. Strength, not an issue, I'm sure ... just FITNESS through "exercise and diet." Let's all do a triathalon and marathon, with yoga and pilates to balance out our karma. Thanks for letting me know I've been on the wrong site.

Let me guess: "3 years lifting. bw change over those years: 130-190lbs. 60lbs so far, I plan on getting another 20-30 minumum."


OP is right.. lipo and laser fat removal.. staples of Bodybuilding.. to be included in the Bodybuilding forum


Gotcha, I understand. Didn't know where else to post it. Any suggestions?


Get A Life. Or just go to a lipo support forum or something.


Learn to read before pooping out verbal diarrhea.

See: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/the_end_of_genetic_limitations_an_interview_with_dr_bruce_nadler&cr=

But, I understand this was published over a decade before you joined this site ... newbie.


Get A Life, is a sub-forum.. maybe you should just respectfully bow out of this thread..

and what the hell is with all the personal attacks from somebody who can't even manage to not be a lard-ass without a paid professional vacuuming out their innards..


lol. I just wrote fitness because that encompasses weight lifting and more. You're right, exercise and diet obviously doesn't include weight lifting. Guess I'VE been doing it wrong. Thanks for enlightening me.


Lol. The fact that "newbies" have to call you, a level 4 and longtime member of the site, out for this, is more amusing. You had a picture when you posted this thread but then took it down once you started attacking OTHER people. Odd.


I think you said it best about yourself when you said: "Never said I wasn't a dick.."


See definition of "straw man" here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man

btw, a straw man does not need to lose any fat at all. Undoubtedly due to his overall "fitness."



Fine, I'll address"

because it's the only part of your post I didn't.

Drugs and anabolics are SUPPLEMENTARY to diet and exercise.
Surgery is done primarily to treat injuries. If surgery IS done to slightly improve muscle shapes or attachments, it's still not REPLACING that work.

The point is, you're on a site targeted towards changing your body through diet and exercise, and post about alternatives to the very point of the site.

If I posted on a knitting site, in the "knitting" forum: "Hey guys, what do you think about this sweater I'm thinking about buying", pretty much getting the results while ignoring the work that is the whole intention of the site, I probably wouldn't be well received either.

I like how you try to add little things like:

For one who tries to point out logical fallacies, you sure try to change the topic of conversation, don't you?


There's nothing wrong with Lipo if it's used as a "finisher" for a person that spent decade plus building their physique but is unable to drop small amounts of fat in the love handle area.





What does artificial tanning or hair removal have to do with what he said?

hahaha this thread is awesome


For reference: The right side of greg's pic is pre-lipo, and the left side is after the operation. Success!


Yeah, OP, I'm sorry but you're acting silly and also quite rude.


Words of wisdom to live by:

Really? Drugs and anabolics are SUPPLEMENTARY? You have to work out anyway? Say it ain't so! Sort of like ab sculpting, Zerona, artificial tanning and hair removal might be SUPPLEMENTARY to diet and exercise? I accept your apology.

What surgery? Ab sculpting? Is that done to treat injuries? Are you suggesting that Zerona or cool sculpting should be REPLACING exercise? I disagree. There is no substitute for hard work.

Then perhaps the article on ab sculpting never should have been published on this site? Funny how you don't address that article at all.

I think you should post on the knitting site ... about "fitness." Here is a thread from the knitting site for you to start with, and then knit one, pearl two:

I don't think you are going to be losing any weight by walking and knitting... For fat burn, it's more about time spent maintaining an elevated heart rate than actual distance covered. You need to be walking at a greater intensity than just a stroll, chatting with a friend. You figure your maximum heart rate by taking the number 220 and subtracting your age. For fat burning, the optimum percentage to work at is 65% of your max. Therefore, if you are 50, 220-50=170. For fat burn, 65% of 170=110. You need to be walking with an intensity that brings your heart rate up to 110. This would need to be maintained for at least 30 minutes. (Inexpensive heart rate "watches" can be found at Walmart or elsewhere, to wear and check during exercise.) In order to walk with your heart rate at that level, you need to have your arms involved, pumping your arms. To knit while walking you are holding your arms even more still than you would if you were on a casual stroll, without knitting. It will also mess with your depth perception to be looking at your knitting in your hands, and also where to place your feet on the pavement.
What I'm trying to say is, devote your attention and short amount of time to getting your exercise properly, then come in and rest and do your knitting! Sure you can knit and walk, but it's not much exercise. Better than nothing at all, I suppose, but I wouldn't expect to see much weight loss to speak of.

Ditto with reading a book while on the treadmill... The people I see at the gym who read on the machines are not the ones I see changing body size/shape.


What exactly do you want? Save yourself time and embarrassment and go to another forum if you have questions about "ab sculpting." I doubt anyone here knows or gives a shit about Zerona or w/e.