Lipoprotein(a) information?

Hi, Does anyone here have high or elevated LPa ( Lipoprotein(a) ) levels?
Ive read it is an independent risk factor for CVD and early heart attacks.

Ive recently found out my levels are 150nmol/L with the reference range being < 75nmol/L

Does anyone else here have high levels?

There is a lot of confusion online and i’m unsure if this is something that needs treating or not based on my lifestyle, id prefer to not have to take medications.

I am a 30 year old male who eats well and trains 4-5 times per week, 5 ft 10, 83KG 12% BF.

I have had an unrelated echocardiogram and also a stress echocardiogram with a 14 days rhythm monitor a few months ago and everything is normal, should I get a test to check if I have blocked arteries from LPa? Im worried about the risk of CVD, I have an appointment booked with a lipid specialist next week but I am looking for others who may know more about this in the meantime.

My cholesterol results are as follows…

Total Cholesterol - 205 mg/dl ( < 200)
HDL - 51mg/dl (> 40)
LDL Calculated - 144mg/dl (< 130)
Triglycerides - 52mg/dl (< 150 )
LPa 57 mg/dl ( < 50)

LPa measured in nmol - 150 nmol/L ( < 75nmol/L)

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