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Has anyone used lipolyze? Do you think the 36mg to 60mg of usnic acid is to much? I read that Dave Palumbo believes it is a safe amount and the history of liver toxicity with usnic acid is in much higher doses.

I’ve never personally tried it, but I read good things about it. I’m not sure how reliable the reviews are due to the fact that Dave has a huge fan following… maybe for good reason though.

I bought the product from a very reputable place and they also told me that the old syntrax product contained 100mg of usnic acid per capsule, and a 115lb fitness athlete had liver failure using almost 1000mg per day.

I just bought the Lipolyze/Somalyze combo. I’ll be stacking it with my ECY. I’ll cover the results in my training journal (cheap plug!)

It works well as a fat burner. On average maybe 1-2lb a week more than without(same hypo diet and x4-6 workouts/week).

With over 2 weeks use, lethargy becomes a real factor in daily life as well as workouts.

Read up on the side effects.

I would limit usage to 2 week cycles with a lot of anti-oxidant support.