I posted an earlier message 11-21-2001 regarding my severe reaction to Lipokinetix. Thanks to Bill Roberts,Dan Hoppe, J.Randall, Steve,Scott for their concern in what happened to me with the Lipokinetix. Also, for your suggestions in things to take to help repair the liver. Guys- I am a female who used to compete naturally and have kept in great shape. But,I was a little heavy, so it was suggested I try Lipokinetix. I knew nothing of the dangers of the usnic acid and had not heard of the ban on the product, did this occur before April 2001?

I have to say I learned the hard way to research before you try a product. I have been looking for past articles on Lipokinetix/usnic acid and have found the one The Most Dangerous Supplement by Brock. I will keep looking. My doctor said I had destroyed a part of my liver but it does tend to regenerate depending on how healthy you are. My liver enzymes were 3,617 over 100 times too high!! Someone told me I was close to liver failure, is this correct? It took three months for my tests to read close to normal. I just took another test the other day. I still don’t feel right.

Question to all of you-Dan Hoppe, you mentioned that I could have problems for the rest of my life. This scares me! What problems? Can anyone explain how bad this messed me up? what Can any of you direct me to research to find out more about liver damage and regeneration? Also,how do I find out whether a class action lawsuit might be happening? Gentlemen- Thanks for all of your help. MSanders

Have you asked you doctor these questions? Hey, he works for you! Good luck. My heart goes out to you.

One shouldn’t rely solely on a single physician. You are right in seeking as much info as possible. There are lots of herbs that are said to be helpful to the liver, sorry I can’t shed more light than that. Knowledge is power!

I can’t really answer any of your questions. I just want to encourage you and bump your thread up a bit so it gets noticed by the right guys. Good luck with everything! (and sue those bastards)