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Lipo6, Fahrenheit, or Hot-Rox?

For a female doing moderate cardio and weights, at age 19, with only 10 pounds of fat to burn and muscle to gain, which is the best supplement? I am on LIPO6 Now, and have tried GNC CLA and the both worked OK, Lipo6 was better, but what is another option that is going to help me burn that fat… SAFELY!? I think new HOT-ROX EXTREME may be a little too extreme… did I read its stronger than an anabolic steroid for fat-burner? I would like to keep my muscle as well, should I try Fahrenheit or HOT-ROX (non-extreme)… I would like some feedback from people who have tried both, maybe it’s different for a woman? Thanks!

If you read the whole article about the HOT-ROX Extreme you would have read that the study was done on women, here’s straight from the article:

In fact, our latest study was the single largest research project ever conducted in sports-supplement history, with 75 subjects. And we chose the population that has the most difficult time losing body fat ? middle-aged women!

I think it’s safe to say that HOT-ROX Extreme would be what you are looking for in a fat burner. I’ve been using it for a month now, and like the results, it’s helping me maintain my weight, get great intensity on my workouts, and build muscle. All I have to say is HRX works just like it says it does.