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Lipo Gyno

I have contacted a very reputable doctor who says he removes the gland and does the who procedure with a cannula for a good price, ive been researching the net and alot of people say it has to be done with incision/lipo some say just lipo?

He seems to be a reputable and this is what he is saying? If im going to spend the money i want to have it done once the right way. He seems to be well known so idk if he just wants the cash or he can actually do the procedure this way. There is no doubt i have it i had a ultrasound/mammogram and i have large lumps behind the nipples.

Has anyone had this procedure done? Any input would be appreciated i want to get this shit taken care of it looks like shit, constantly on my mind.

if you look in the T-Cell Alpha section of the forums there’s a sticky on it