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Lipo 6x Question

Hey guys i have a real quick question…i know it may sound stupid but im just confused a bit lol.

I bought Lipo 6x and started using it yesterday (Monday). This is what it says on how much to consume…

NUTREX LIPO-6X Suggested Use: Start Out with only 2 Muti-Phase Capsules on your first two days. 1 LIPO-6X Caps in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. Increase dosage by 1 Caps every two days until max dosage of 4 caps day has been reached. Do not Exceed more than 4 caps a day.

So that means since i started monday, do i ncrease the dosage to 3 on tuesday and then 4 on wednesday? or is it bump it to 3 on wednesday and then 4 on friday?

Thanks in advance.